Up to what dimensions can you powder coat?

We are capable of powder coating materials up to 7.8 metres in length, 3.0 metres in height and 2.0 metres in width with almost no restriction on weight.

 Do you accept work from private customers?

Yes, we carry out work for both commercial and private customers, no job is too small.

 Do you offer a collection and delivery service?

Yes, a collection and delivery service is available upon request.

 Can you powder coat plastic or wood?

Unfortunately not. Materials are cured between 180 and 200 degrees Celsius, therefore plastic and wood would not withstand these temperatures. However, we can powder coat Polyamide, which is commonly found within thermally broken aluminium extrusions.

 What are the benefits of a zinc powder primer?

Our zinc rich powder primer enables added protection against corrosion to steel items which will be situated externally, due to weathering. It offers the same benefits as galvanising, except you will receive a much smoother finish in comparison.

 Do you offer metallic finishes?

Yes, we can offer a range of metallic colours, as well as finishes such as texture, leatherette, antique, wrinkle, powder to match anodising, ultra matt, matt, satin and gloss.

 What are your turn around times?

On average we can turn goods around within 3-4 days. However if you have certain requirements, please call to speak with a member of staff, and we shall endeavour to meet your needs.

  Are you open on weekends?

We are commonly open on Saturdays up-to midday, and occasionally Sundays. Please call to confirm a specific weekend.

 Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we are able to offer a 25 year guarentee on aluminium items. This must be specified prior to us completing the project, so we can meet the terms offered by the specific powder manufacture.

 What happens to my materials once they are coated?

Once cured and cooled, for protection, your materials will be securely packaged with plastic bubble wrap. For particularly heavy items, we will use correx board to add further strength to corners, edges, or if necessary, entire panels.

 Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we do offer a credit card transaction service. Payments can also be made via cheque or BACS.

 Do you carry out on-site spraying?

No, unfortunately we do not offer this service.